In July 2010, we began the very long process of replacing a legacy email platform that no longer met our needs. Mike had been working with my team on several ad hoc email projects and it was a natural segue to have him take on the role of managing this project. Mike worked tirelessly to ensure that the project completed its key phases: RFP, account architecture, migration, implementation and testing. As with all legacy systems, we found unexpected challenges along the way and his ability to quickly develop and implement work-around solutions ensured that we met our deadlines.

Since going live a year ago, Mike has continued to be an extension of our team. He has been instrumental in designing and building new templates, defining processes and procedures to manage and protect our sender score and ensure CAN SPAM and EU SPAM law compliance. He also continues to provide day-to-day support and training to the staff responsible for using the platform and its tools.

In addition to working with our team, Mike has also had the opportunity to work with other groups within Economist Digital. I believe that his attention to detail, depth and breadth of knowledge and his ability to translate between business and technical teams has helped him become a “go-to” resource for many teams working with email. He is able to lead a project without having to be officially “in charge” and is able to build consensus on direction and next steps.

I have referred Mike to internal, as well as, external colleagues and will continue to do so. Overall, the single most important reason why I will continue to use his services is: peace of mind. I know that when I give him a project, I don’t have to worry about the quality of the work, deadlines or budgets.

Chandra Magee
Senior Director, Audience Development

Dedicated, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reliable are just a few words the describe Mike Welthy.

I’ve had the pleasure of working one on one with Mike on how to better the Equinox email marketing strategy. Mike has done nothing but continue to exceed our expectations while never failing to amaze us. The amount of commitment and attention he gives to bettering your business is unprecedented and highly admirable. One of the many things I appreciate about his work ethic is he treats your business as if it is his own, stopping at nothing to make any situation work.

Mike was responsible for helping us set up our new software, assisting us in navigating through the new platform, offering around the clock support including development of creative templates, generation of new targeting strategies, and sharing best practices.
Mike has excellent communication skills. He has a way of translating technological terminology into friendly marketing speak which helped us understand every step he took and in essence lead us to success. In addition, he is extremely organized and promptly makes himself available. Most importantly, Mike is able to follow through to ensure the job gets done and is flexible with willing to work on any project that is assigned to him

I highly recommend working with Mike Welthy. Mike was employed by Equinox as our email consultant in 2012 and because of his valuable input we’ve allocated funds to add him as an official member to our team for 2013 and beyond. Mike would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.

Stephanie Kramer
Member Marketing Manager

Mike started by helping us through the boarding process of ExactTarget. His diligence, effectiveness, and sensitivity to budgets were among the qualities that has turned him into a full-time consultant for our team. His knowledge of the system has allowed us to launch new projects to further enhance our marketing strategy.

One of my favorite aspects of working with Mike is his teaching method – which includes face-to-face teaching as well as the production of instructional documents for each new project. Mike is an invaluable asset to any team working with ExactTarget!

Allison Barry
Assistant Marketing Manager

Our company was in the process of transitioning to ExactTarget, and needed Mike to help us get up and running. He was able to make the transition from our old system easier because he knew how both systems worked. He really wanted to understand each business and the goals of each campaign and spoke with many different departments to help us reach those goals.

Mike made learning Exact Target very comprehensible. He was always a delight to work with and extremely helpful. He was available by email and phone 24/7 and made himself easily accessible for face-to-face meetings at our corporate office. If he couldn’t figure out a task for us on the spot, he would work on it on his own time so that when he came in the next day, it would all be ready for us.

Krista Porter
Marketing Coordinator