Dynamic Messaging

Delivering a relevant message is vital to developing a highly successful email marketing program. Marketers strive to customize their messaging, offers, and services to each recipient, but that often results in multiple campaigns to multiple audiences, which involves additional time and resources that aren’t always available.

With the use of dynamic content, there are an unlimited number of ways to target information to subscribers and customers. Marketers now have the ability to tailor their message specifically to each recipient, ensuring that their message is both relevant and engaging.

I’ll implement an easy-to-use process to leverage these features and incorporate them into your standard email marketing practices. Some examples of the type of dynamic content you can achieve include:

  • Percentage based discounts determined by the distance the customer is from the shipping warehouse.
  • Subscription offers with currency and discount conversion based on the recipients’ country code.
  • Retrieval of website or RSS content based on a subscriber’s “topics of interest” to create a custom email containing the “Top 5″ most read articles from that topic.