The Economist

The Economist, the leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs, was looking for a partner to conduct their email vendor evaluations and RFP process, assessing the functionality and capabilities of 10 major Email Service Providers. With the selection of ExactTarget, I served as the Project Lead for the implementation of and integration of the platform with Drupal, Omniture, and Salesforce. I worked with the Technology team to develop an automated process using the ExactTarget API to populate content from the website directly into ExactTarget each time a new story was published on the website. I coordinated their IP ramp-up and subscriber migration, working closely with their newsletter team to help transition their newsletter templates and content.

I continue to work with The Economist on several email projects, including the creation of an AMPscript dynamic subscription campaign which increased new subscriptions by 15%, RSS integrated content in emails, API triggered welcome emails and welcome series, forced churn program, and a subscriber reengagement campaign which generated a 20% return rate. I also provide the Economist with monthly technical and system support and serve as their ExactTarget account administrator.